4 Ways Manufacturing Project Coordinators Can Leverage Matrak’s Material Tracking System  

Hana Block

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Think of materials as the glue that holds the entire construction supply chain together. Why is it the glue? Because materials pass many hands. Additionally, they’re the one common denominator across different stages of the supply chain on a project.

The start of that material’s journey begins at its fabrication stage. Manufacturing project coordinators are often the first ones to kick off this journey — being the ones whose hands materials pass first. 

They also have the responsibilities of juggling many stakeholders and global supply chain challenges to support the day-to-day activities that help ensure that material production and customer expectations are anticipated, shipped and delivered. Project coordinators need to use scalable and automated solutions that improve workflow, accelerate change, and drive efficiencies in infrastructure.

So what’s the tool for the job? Using a material tracking system not only increases site organization, but positively impacts the company’s bottom line, building processes, and global reputation.  

If you’re still not convinced, below are 4 ways project coordinators can fully leverage Matrak’s material tracking system to their advantage and win more work.

1. Improve the productivity of your fabrication and manufacturing line

Streamlined and efficient operations are key to company growth,increasing revenue and maintaining customer satisfaction. 

Keeping up with the latest manufacturing technology trends is one of the best ways to improve productivity in the industry. Since digital technology is constantly growing and changing, it’s necessary to stay alert in order to remain competitive.

Troubleshoot your supply chains and help perfect your Bill of Materials with a solution that integrates seamlessly with your ERP and other important systems. Turn large amounts of raw information into actionable insights and improve every day operations by making informed decisions.

Matrak helps boost productivity by:

  • Provides operational analytics, so you can calculate the speed and quality on different production lines, and help optimise how your team works
  • Makes fabrication drawings available from any smartphone or tablet for everyone involved in your project, allowing them to
  • easily check their work and requirements, without carrying around huge piles of paper
  • QR code stickers replace existing barcodes, making it quick to track product without creating extra work

2. Share information with better communication to save resources

It’s not uncommon to have difficulty tracking materials and knowing they’ve made it to site and safely. If clients can’t find specific materials, it involves to-and-fro contact (emails, phone calls, text messages and more) just to locate a single product. Providing real-time evidence to your clients of your material’s shipping locations and that they are of top quality prevents you from losing resources, or even taking the blame for materials you’ve successfully produced.

Material tracking tools like Matrak help protect your work with built-in, real-time digital audit trails and attach photos to manufactured materials at any stage and location of the construction lifecycle. 

Attaching photos, along with Matrak’s built-in auditing functionality, provides your materials with quality insurance and proof of work that protects your bottom line. Because the software is cloud-based, all information you enter is accessible to your clients, and even in their preferred language. Meaning simply inputting information into Matrak instantly communicates material updates and information to clients.

3. Build your reputation with local and overseas builders

Different time zones and language fluency are often barriers in a global supply chain. Cloud-based software is a solution to this issue because not only can it be customised to the appropriate language, but it empowers users to see material status and location in real-time without the to-and-fro messaging.

Working in a digital way builds trust and encourages cohesive and positive working stakeholder relationships. Protecting your reputation in the industry.

Matrak builds and protects your reputation by:

  • Producing run rate reports that prove you provide accurate packing list information in a timely manner to your builders. 
  • Using QR code stickers to help your client’s teams (installers) easily know what products are in which stillages and crates. Meanwhile, interactive drawings help them identify where those materials are supposed to go onsite. 
  • Get reorders for defects quicker with instant notifications. If your client marks a material as defective, turning on your in- app notifications allows you to note the issue, remake and resend materials as soon as possible. This keeps you and your clients on schedule, which gets the job done faster.

4. Automatically create custom reports that simplify QC procedures

Being able to align global teams and create an environment of shared responsibility helps manage risk by enabling teams to make better and smarter decisions. Not to mention, it helps you maintain greater relationships with clients.

Proactively understanding and managing where projects are at risk of falling behind schedule helps reduce your time to market, which gives you a competitive advantage and protects your reputation as leaders in the industry.

Matrak’s ability to produce run rate reports help predict whether your projects are on track to meeting the program target dates based on current manufacturing and installation rates. By understanding which areas are at risk of falling behind, you can proactively work with subcontractors to manage staffing to ensure projects stay on time, every time.

About Matrak

Matrak was founded in 2017 and provides innovative mobile-first end-to-end supply chain tracking software solutions to the construction industry. We believe in the significant benefits to Site Managers, contractors, and developers  and construction supply chains generated from data driven insights through the materials tracking process.

Industry wide challenges are best solved through collaboration, and Matrak’s material tracking app strives to bring the construction industry together around its most fundamental component – materials.

Our app is available on all iOS, Android and Windows devices and has helped more than 157 projects in over 5 countries to enable the power of supply chain transparency.

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