4 ways site managers can leverage material tracking system 

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Generally, site managers take responsibility for various and increasingly complex construction projects. As the industry continues to evolve rapidly, site managers are under rising pressure to cut costs and create more efficient workflows and processes — all without compromising quality.

The emergence of urban complexes and high-rise buildings means there are big opportunities for site managers in the industry to understand and use the latest technology to achieve these efficiencies, reduce scheduling conflicts and keep projects on track. 

Using a material tracking system not only increases site organisation but positively impacts the company’s bottom line and building process. 

If you’re still not convinced, below are 4 ways site managers can fully leverage Matrak’s material tracking system to their advantage and win more work. 

1. Reduce your overhead costs

Being able to access live supply chain and site progress data anytime, anywhere via your mobile phone, automates common business activities that help get time back on your side and cut overhead costs.

In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to reduce losses and increase business profitability.

Matrak provides visibility into all aspects of your supply chain and site progress, saving teams hours in their workweek and helping them complete work in a shorter time frame. Matrak replaces the need for time spent on many common and manual tasks including:

  • Site walks
  • Subcontractor meetings
  • Reporting to clients
  • Quality reviews
  • Reviewing progress claims
  • Chasing updates from suppliers
  • Tracking down missing items
  • Managing disputes
  • Recording Greenstar and certification information against products

Best of all, this information is automated and accessible in Matrak!

site managers material tracking

2. Gain confidence and trust in your subcontractors

Eliminate the struggle to find the right suppliers and partners for your construction projects. By using a tool that allows your subcontractors to provide live visibility of materials and their progress in the supply chain, you’ll be rest assured that you’re working with companies committed to providing transparency to their clients.

Matrak provides live visibility of all material movement and interactions throughout its lifecycle,  allowing you to run full quality performance checks in the platform ensures proper quality checks, packing and warehousing standards are always met. In turn, you’ll get confidence and peace of mind in the subcontractors you’re working with.

site managers material tracking

3. Reduce the risk of project delays

Lack of visibility into your project’s supply chain puts companies at risk of liquidated damages. Having a centralised flow of communication and visibility on subcontractor activities gives an accurate representation of your project’s production and installation rates. This allows you to be aware of site progress and proactive, just in case any part of the build is at risk of falling behind schedule.

Matrak monitors key movements during every phase to keep construction projects on schedule. Providing early and complete visibility of your supply chain helps subcontractors better coordinate their work and reduces the risk of projects falling behind schedule. 

This enables companies to predict when activities will be completed based on current throughput rates, which helps planning in advance to avoid liquidated damages.

site managers material tracking

4. Stay competitive and build your reputation as a global industry leader

Being able to align global teams and create an environment of shared responsibility helps manage risk by enabling teams to make better and smarter decisions. Not to mention, it helps you maintain greater relationships with clients.

Proactively understanding and managing where projects are at risk of falling behind schedule helps reduce your time to market, which gives you a competitive advantage and protects your reputation as leaders in the industry.

Matrak’s ability to produce run rate reports help predict whether your projects are on track to meeting the program target dates based on current manufacturing and installation rates. By understanding which areas are at risk of falling behind, you can proactively work with subbies to manage staffing to ensure projects stay on time, every time.

site managers material tracking

About Matrak

Matrak was founded in 2017 and provides innovative mobile-first end-to-end supply chain tracking software solutions to the construction industry. We believe in the significant benefits to Site Managers, contractors, and developers  and construction supply chains generated from data-driven insights through the materials tracking process.

Industry-wide challenges are best solved through collaboration, and Matrak’s material tracking app strives to bring the construction industry together around its most fundamental component – materials.

Our app is available on all iOS, Android and Windows devices and has helped more than 157 projects in over 5 countries to enable the power of supply chain transparency.

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