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Project Spotlight: TopHat’s KB Apartment

Materials tracked to date by TopHat: 10,868 TopHat is playing a leading role in transforming the home building in the UK, improving quality, reducing costs and protecting the environment. The

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4 Tips to Reduce Your Carbon Footprints in Construction

Did you know that the building and construction industry currently accounts for 39% of global carbon emissions? And residential and commercial buildings produce about 40% of greenhouse gas emissions each

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Linking and Associating Your Records in Matrak

In Matrak every material, task, container, stillage, or delivery becomes its own Record and has its own associated ID number. Every record has its own record card that holds all

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The Matrak Network: 477 Pitt Street

477 Pitt Street is an A Grade office tower in the vibrant Haymarket precinct of Sydney’s CBD.  The building is both reimagining and repositioning the property as part of Sydney’s

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Matrak’s External QR code scanner with Product Manager, Jolin Zhu [Q&A]

Matrak’s QR scanner allows you to quickly find and update material and packing list information. Previously only accessible from Matrak’s mobile app, the rise of phone-free factory floor regulations we

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4 ways Installers can leverage a material tracking system

Did you know that tracking your materials from manufacturing to installation has the power to drive supply chain transparency? How? Because materials pass many hands and are the one common

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4 Ways Manufacturing Project Coordinators Can Leverage Matrak’s Material Tracking System  

Think of materials as the glue that holds the entire construction supply chain together. Why is it the glue? Because materials pass many hands. Additionally, they’re the one common denominator

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4 ways site managers can leverage material tracking system 

Generally, site managers take responsibility for various and increasingly complex construction projects. As the industry continues to evolve rapidly, site managers are under rising pressure to cut costs and create

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Matrak’s Interactive Drawings with Head of Product, Alexandra Hubbard [Q&A]

Matrak’s interactive drawings allow everyone to visualise site progress and improve productivity on the job site. And provides all teams involved access to the latest revisions to easily collaborate in

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How Technology is Evolving Construction Drawings

If building materials were the ship, construction drawings would be steering it on where to go.  Construction drawings are the lifeline of any building project. No one can build without

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pull planning lean construction

Pull planning Lean construction: The ultimate guide on improving project efficiency

There are many different methods used to approach Lean construction. When looking specifically at lean methods for planning and scheduling your construction materials, the pull planning method, also known as

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benefits of lean construction

Now is the time for adoption: 4 benefits to Lean Construction

Lean construction has become a hot buzzword in the industry recently. Because of that, today’s construction professionals are constantly looking for new ways to “get lean”. Lean construction in a

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