Learn about the State of Construction in our 2021 Industry Report

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Learn about the State of Construction in our 2021 Industry Report

Our 2021 Industry Report shows the power of supply chain visibility and why materials tracking matters most to the future of construction. 

Cue the drum roll because Matrak has very exciting news…

What is this Industry Report about?

Calculated from over 200 projects and 681,228 materials tracked on the Matrak platform, the inaugural State of Construction annual report highlights the power and potential of a collaborative supply chain for an industry that’s ripe for change.

Digital tools are continuing to take the construction world by storm. After doing a deep dive into our data, we felt compelled to share our insights in an annual report that helps you stay ahead of the curve in the construction industry — whether you’re a subbie, head contractor, on-site project manager, and more.

We also wanted to help others envision what a smarter construction industry can look like when reaping the benefits of supply chain transparency.

Why did we create the Industry Report?

Since the beginning, Matrak has been on a mission to create end-to-end supply chain visibility. Our goal has always been to empower our customers to connect their suppliers, logistics partners, and installers onto one platform. 

The Annual Report is a testament to the growth of our company and the industry at large, as echoed in the sentiments below from our co-founders, Shane and Brett Hodgkins.

“For the last 7 years, my brother Brett and I have worked on building transparency across the construction supply chain in a way that benefits everyone in a project. We have validated first hand, through data-backed insights, that collaboration over siloed working is what enables the whole industry to thrive,” says Shane.

“That’s why we created this industry report. By bringing the industry together through the common denominator of materials and sharing our insights, we can build not just better individual projects for Matrak customers, but a better construction industry for everyone in it,” says Brett.

So, what’s in it?

From individual projects requiring 80,000 signatures to lost items costing suppliers almost $10,000+ for a single issue, our annual report dives headfirst into the global construction industry — uncovering the good, the bad and the ugly.

Here are some teasers of what the Matrak team unpacks in our Industry Report:

  • With a total of $161,159,600,000 worth of Australian construction project budgets approved in FY21, an estimated $80,579,800,000 of that will be spent on the materials themselves
  • Using a material tracking system can save 980 material reorders per project on average
  • 3% of global CO2 and GHG (greenhouse gas emissions) are caused by ships transporting materials, emitting approximately one billion tonnes of CO2 and GHGs per year on average 
  • Average defect rates per project 1.54% for projects running on Matrak
  • Around 94 hours being spent filling out paperwork per trade, which could easily be digitised

“I’m sold! Where can I read it?”

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