Matrak API;

Connected systems

Use Matrak side-by-side with internal tools and processes

The second someone scans a QR code or raises a defect—anywhere in the world— it’s fed live to your internal systems. Stay up-to-date on everything happening in real time.

Matrak API;

BIM integration

Real time data attached to your 3D model

Through partnerships with companies such as Ynomia and Morta, live status data can be fed to your BIM system to create a truly up-to-date digital twin of the asset.

Matrak API;

Cross-project analysis

Better data for a better build

Track defect and run rates, packing efficiency and completion percentages across your projects. Compare historical outcomes with existing projects to further optimise your business.

API benefits for your business

Matrak API

Real-time data for your supply chain

The second someone scans a QR code or raises a defect—anywhere in the world— it’s fed live to your internal systems. Stay up-to-date of everything happening in real time

Matrak API


Use the live updates from Matrak’s API to streamline purchase orders and cost management through ERP systems integration. This can radically reduce double-work and human error by connecting directly to your supply chain

Matrak API


Matrak APIs use GraphQL to provide an extremely simple yet powerful way to get any data you need, in any format you want, all in the one place

Matrak API


Gain access to an online API Playground, allowing you to test and validate your code & API responses before dropping it into your products

Matrak API

Comprehensive documentation

All functions are fully documented within the online playground, meaning you’ll always know what to do next, to build something great

Matrak API


Get up and running on day one, with free sample integrations available for PowerBI and Google Sheets.

How it works

Matrak API

Get connected

We’ll send you the API Key, sample documentation, and provide a single training session with Matrak’s development team, to get up and running immediately

Matrak API

Create your integration

With help from our online API Playground & sample integrations, it’s never been easier to integrate your platform to Matrak

Matrak API

Gain insights

Gain real-time materials, shipping and task insights across every company you work with – to help automate your existing systems and processes

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