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Gabby Torres-Soler


Matrak is excited to announce the launch of our new mobile application, providing a second nature on-the-go experience for all our customers!

Our new mobile app offers a simplified, and intuitive experience for anyone working on a construction site, factory floor, or front office to keep their projects up to date, on time, and visible to all team members and stakeholders. It’s an incredible honour to deliver on such a vital piece of the Matrak vision, bringing us one step closer to becoming the product subbies love to use.

We know what our customers need to be successful, whether they’re an overseas manufacturer or an installer onsite and this new experience is for them. With Matrak mobile, users can seamlessly track their materials through supply chains, have visibility of which materials are in which deliveries, know when materials are arriving on-site, track their trade installation progress and capture their ITPs, with photos of their work. We offer live-updating so that all of your colleagues across the Matrak network can view your progress in real-time. At Matrak, we’re about creating value for each and every customer, across the global supply chain and we’re so excited to share this new experience with you. 

What’s new and improved?

Interactive drawings

Our new mobile application makes your project drawings center stage. With the new experience, you are now able to view, update and share the status and completion of your materials, including subcomponents, locations, tasks, defects, and related delivery information directly from your construction drawings.

Our mobile drawings display all the key information about your materials and tasks and enables you to update their progress in seconds. Our customers can now filter which types of materials or locations they want to highlight on the drawings, and can even choose to colour code these drawings based on the completion of any predefined task. This is particularly useful for anyone involved in inspections and completing ITPs onsite. 

QR code scanner

Our next major improvement is especially for our suppliers and manufacturers, making it even easier for them to record and update their packing information. Previously, many of our customers would use pen and paper to write down which materials were in each packing container, which would then be entered into Excel, and emailed to other project collaborators. Today, these same individuals can use our new mobile app to scan materials into containers, automatically generating packing reports that are immediately visible to their others – massively simplifying this process. 

Fully offline functionality 

Our new experience is “offline-first” which means that the app continues to operate with full functionality, even when you have no internet connection. Users can access their downloaded projects, view their drawings, find and update any information regarding materials, tasks, or deliveries, and their updates are synced once they come back online. This is incredibly important to construction workers and manufacturers who regularly operate without signal.

What’s Next?

We’re currently inviting all of our existing customers to experience our new mobile app. Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding how you can help your team transition.

To download the app today:

  • Download on the App store 👉 here
  • Download on Google play 👉 here
  • For Android users unable to access the Google play store, directly download the app 👉 here

About Matrak

Matrak was founded in 2017 and provides innovative mobile-first end to end supply chain tracking software solutions to the construction industry. Our app is available on all iOS, Android and Windows devices and has helped more than 157 projects in over 5 countries to enable the power of supply chain transparency.

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