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Put away your markers because Matrak is here for all of your Wallchart and onsite progress management needs!

In this blog article, we’re going to take you through our Progress Tracker — one of Matrak’s most exciting and beneficial features. Here’s how you and your construction team can utilise it to build a better collaborative environment when working on projects together.

What is Matrak’s Progress Tracker?

Matrak’s progress tracker is a visual representation of the sequence of work completed by trade on a construction project. It’s a digital rendering of the physical wall chart seen onsite and is updated in real-time with actual progress.

What’s the benefit of Matrak’s digital sequence tracker?

The benefit of a digital sequence tracker is that everyone on-site can see building progress in real-time. As team members mark off tasks in the Matrak app, this digital wallchart will automatically reflect their progress, ensuring that the job is on time and on budget. It also provides the added benefit of helping subbies provide evidence of their work for progress claims.

But who benefits from Matrak’s Progress Tracker?

Matrak is a product for everyone involved with construction including onsite sub-contractors, head contractors, and project managers. Here’s how:

Project Managers benefit by having increased transparency for how their construction projects are tracking. Gone are the days of walking up and down the site multiple times to update a paper wallchart, only to print a new one when things go wrong.

Meanwhile, sub-contractors get visibility on which floors and rooms are available for them to work on. This helps them be more efficient as they can see if the previous trade has completed their work, and if it’s ready for them to start on. Matrak’s Progress Tracker allows your team to see how their trade is tracking in relation to other trades. Additionally, sub-contractors can also use these visuals as evidence when making progress claims, accurately reflecting the work they’ve done recently and using it as guidance for the next steps of a project. 

So, how does it work?

In the Matrak platform, go onto the Plans/Drawings section for your project. Each room, apartment, or space has an associated card view that highlights changeable progress states based on a trade sequence of work, with status options such as ‘Not Started’, ‘In Progress’, ‘Issue’ and ‘Complete’’. You can go from window install to fully painted for each apartment in your high-rise construction project this way. All sequence tasks and who updated those tasks are reflected in Matrak’s audit log for full transparency.

When the status of sequence tasks is recorded, Matrak’s digital wallchart automatically updates the status of a level and apartment. 

This wallchart represents the perfect visibility for site project managers to determine if projects are progressing on time and on budget. Subcontractors are instantly able to see how their trade is tracking in relation to others. 

The Wrap Up: Progress Tracker benefits everyone in your project

Indeed, Progress Tracker is an excellent way to get detailed overviews of how a construction project is tracking. Our team built this feature to help foster a more collaborative environment for teams, all while increasing transparency throughout the supply chain. 

By creating a digital rendering of a wall chart you’d typically see on-site and stuck on a wall, trades can easily update progress in real-time without all the busy highlights, post-it notes, and annotations. Best of all, you can take it on the go and the information is easily accessible for everyone — from onsite sub-contractors, head contractors to project managers.

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