New Material Tracking Subscription Options

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We’ve updated our subscription options so it’s easier for you to choose the right package for your company and projects. 

Why The Change?

The primary reason we moved from flat fee + service pricing to tiered subscriptions is to better align the value and benefits Matrak subscribers receive with how and what they’re paying.

As the leading global construction materials tracking network, Matrak serves countless different businesses and  customers, from manufacturers in Asia through to Tier 1 builders across North America, Australia and, soon, the UK and Europe. 

Matrak is the underlying platform that connects these global players in the construction supply chain across the globe. So we took it back to first principles – to what our core offering is. We track construction materials through the supply chain. The more materials and items Matrak subscribers are tracking, the more value the system provides.

Instead of a flat subscription fee plus additional charges for services, Matrak subscription tiers have been aligned with how many materials are being tracked on Matrak. Essentially you pay more if you use more tracking. We undertook industry interviews across different network participants to land on a fairer model that scales as your projects or company grows.

While materials have very different costs, even lower cost materials can have a dramatic impact on construction budgets if they are delayed, go missing or are defective. That’s because the biggest cost to a construction budget is often time. By creating visibility at every stage throughout the construction lifecycle, tracking materials can be the make or break between a successful project and one that goes awry.

Here’s the key improvements we made to the way you can pay for Matrak:

1. Add supply chain collaborators without friction

The more companies in the supply chain tracking their materials, the more value it creates.

Previously, each company in the supply chain had to subscribe to Matrak directly to get access, or pay for other stakeholders in their supply chain, which created friction and a disjointed onboarding experience.

Now, companies that subscribe to Matrak on ‘Starter Tier’ or above, can add supply chain ‘collaborator companies’ to their projects without any barriers or additional contracts to ensure their projects are being tracked from end to end.

2. No more set up and take-off fees 

When setting up a project to track materials, Matrak performs a patented* material take-off from the construction specification drawings using a combination of machine learning and manual tasks. 

This take-off allows the materials to be tracked on the platform using interactive colour coded drawings making it easy and intuitive for subcontractors working on construction site.

For subcontractors, manufacturers and suppliers who may work across multiple projects at once, these set-up service fees were prohibitive and penalised them for rolling out Matrak to many smaller projects often preventing smaller projects from being set-up on Matrak.

Rapid technological innovation in our take-off process has allowed us to scrap these set-up services fees entirely. Providing a lower barrier to entry to track materials for new customers, and providing better value for money for existing subscribers.

3. New Features included in higher tiers or as optional add-ons

Finally, the Matrak platform and product has evolved rapidly over the past year, and offers a range of new features, reports and capabilities for subscribers.

Some of the new features include tracking materials, project progress, run-rate reports, the ability to tailor personalised reports for specific users such as ‘exception reports’ for construction company directors. And the best is yet to come, new soon to be announced integrations with other construction project management software – creating a powerful project management system that tracks more detailed information giving Matrak users a competitive edge and evolved risk mitigation capabilities.

In the past,  these new product features were added to subscriptions ad-hoc as they went live. The updated Matrak subscription tiers capture the full feature set and allow users to upgrade or downgrade to meet their specific material tracking and reporting needs.

Materials are the literal building blocks for the construction industry so we want to thank the Matrak customers, network and users for championing and investing in a more connected and improved construction supply chain. 

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