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Linking and Associating Your Records in Matrak

In Matrak every material, task, container, stillage, or delivery becomes its own Record and has its own associated ID number. Every record has its own record card that holds all

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Matrak’s External QR code scanner with Product Manager, Jolin Zhu [Q&A]

Matrak’s QR scanner allows you to quickly find and update material and packing list information. Previously only accessible from Matrak’s mobile app, the rise of phone-free factory floor regulations we

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Learn about the State of Construction in our 2021 Industry Report

Track and maintain quality on your materials with Matrak custom ITP reports

For onsite subcontractors and Construction Project Managers, Inspection Test Plans & Inspection Test Reports are vital for maintaining a clear, effective record of work on a project. As a subcontractor,

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Matrak Mobile: Supply chain visibility at your fingertips

Matrak is excited to announce the launch of our new mobile application, providing a second nature on-the-go experience for all our customers! Our new mobile app offers a simplified, and

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Matrak API and data services

The Matrak API is live! Matrak is excited to announce that we’ve released our API to help our customers integrate Matrak data across their IT solutions. This allows our customers

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Unified Tracking

Over the last few years, Matrak has been run on over 150+ construction projects, helping deliver efficient and transparent supply chains by breaking down communication barriers between contractors, suppliers, manufacturers,

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