Unified Tracking

Gabby Torres-Soler


Over the last few years, Matrak has been run on over 150+ construction projects, helping deliver efficient and transparent supply chains by breaking down communication barriers between contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, installers, QA firms, and logistics companies.

Our focus has been on building a collaborative platform for our customers to track the progress of their materials, largely for trades that have long and complex supply chains such as facade and joinery.

Increasingly, however, we’ve been told that there’s a desire to track the progress of every trade on-site with the same level of granularity and collaboration. We have now successfully run five ‘progress tracking’ pilot projects where we’ve tracked the work— complete of all fit-out trades—against the construction schedule. We’re now ready to take this to the next level.

Unified Tracking: What is it?

We’re glad you asked! 

Over the last four months, our product team has been in Discovery for what we’re calling, “Unified Tracking.” In short, we want Matrak to be an elegant and powerful platform that enables collaboration between the people and companies involved in realising construction projects. The current separation in Matrak between Materials Tracking and Progress Tracking gets in the way of this customer collaboration.

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So, as another industry first, we intend to combine these two concepts to provide complete visibility of site progress for every trade on site, down to the granularity of where each material is in the supply chain.

Ultimately, we plan to track all of these granular data points back to the construction programme to proactively highlight issues before they become a problem and allow every stakeholder to work more efficiently and reduce risk. 

Our end goal: to allow users to automatically setup and run any kind of project and multiple simultaneous projects by themselves whilst having materials and progress tracking on the same project. 

How will we do it?

Just like our app, we want to provide transparency into the way we build here at Matrak! 

The first step towards achieving this goal is to make it more intuitive for our users to track materials against tasks, and meaningfully surface this data for our users to draw insights from for their current and following projects.

Moving forward with this small but no less important piece of the puzzle, we’ll create a more intuitive user experience that allows users to feel confident and get the most out of Matrak. 

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