Company information
  • Globe Location: Queensland, Australia
  • Gear Stakeholder Type: Logistics
Contact Information
  • Laptop Website: www.20cube.com
  • Mobile phone Phone: 07 3559 2919
Matrak Network Projects
  • Building Main Street Apartments
  • Building Marine Parade
  • Building Ipswich Road Medical Centre
  • Building Mutdapilly Glasshouse
  • Building Passage Street (Aquence Apartments)

About 20Cube

20Cube was created to change the way trade flows around the world. From order to delivery, they give its customers visibility with real-time data, supply chain transparency, as well as the ability to control costs in ways they’ve never been able to before. 20Cube has achieved the digitalisation of supply chain processes that provide deeper insights and matched it with access to the expertise and creativity of their people.

As part of the insights provided by MyHub, more than 25 key milestones are able to be monitored. With Smart Track, 20Cube goes well beyond the industry norms to give you up to the minute email or WebAPI or EDI notifications when key events happen. This means you can be kept informed even when you’re not logged into MyHub. These events are updated with the help of their custom-designed workflow software that drives compliance across the supply chain.

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