Interactive Drawings

Intuitive and dynamic construction drawings allows teams to visually communicate and update site progress. Always have access to the latest revisions and easily collaborate in a centralised location.

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Made for Site Coordinators, Installers, and Project Managers

Aways work off the latest drawings and revisions to get quick and accurate project oversight. Maximise project efficiency and visually communicate work completed, to understand where materials go and what trades are up next.

A good build needs the right tools

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View progress of a job visually. Get a wholistic view of the jobs progress to help schedule trades and manage the construction schedule.

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See what materials have made it to site and what products need to be called up next to help keep project flow on track

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See what needs to be done and update quality checks. Easily share real-time progress with your colleagues

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Easily manage work, on and off site

A software solution for managing work and materials on site, that mimics the way that contractors and subcontractors have traditionally worked.

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Communicate work with real-time mark ups

Live mark ups saves hours updating clients on work completed. Use the drawings to communicate accurate project oversight without wasting valuable time. Use the drawings to easily link photos, documents, references and comments to materials making it easier to manage site teams and minimise issues.

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Access and updated anytime, anywhere

Use the Matrak mobile and web app to access the latest drawings and revisions from any handheld device or desktop. With Offline mode you can view and edit the most recent documents, even without a network connection. Revisions are automatically synced as soon as your device has reception and internet.

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