A good build needs the right tools

✔️ Make updates directly from interactive drawings

✔️ Update material progress individually or as a bundle

✔️ Work without disruptions even without wifi or data

✔️ Stay up-to-date with live project notifications

✔️ Mass QR code scanning updates

✔️ Create and update packing lists in minutes

Everything you need to get the job done

Our mobile experience improves project visibility with its simple and intuitive interface — unlocking the true value of a fully connected supply chain so you can get the job done, on time, within budget, and with quality.


Gain full site visibility from one screen

Capture full granular access to your material information from the only construction app that offers digital and interactive colour coded construction drawing overlays. They offer you a visual up to date representation of the status of your project.

Matrak API

Full supply chain transparency and accountability

Create an integrated process to enable in which every part of your construction supply chain is able come together to work. Anyone, anywhere, even if offline, can communicate updates to anyone involved in real time to proactively avoid interruptions.


Capture powerful construction wide data, simply

Utilise all the data captured in our mobile app and integrate it with your internal IT systems through Matrak’s API. Use this data to make accurate and better business decisions.

Your job just got a whole lot easier

Update materials and tasks

Directly from interactive drawings

Save time walking around on site or updating excel sheets to understand the status of your project. Interactive drawings allow you to easily visualise your project and update materials or task directly off the digital drawings themselves.

iPhone 13 Pro (1);

Offline mode

Access to your project no matter where you are

Working in the basements or tunnels with no service? Matrak’s offline mode means you can always use the app while working, even in places with no service. Continue to make status updates or change any description fields to your materials or tasks — as soon as you go back online all changes will be updated.

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Powerful QR code scanning

From minutes to seconds

Save time and manual efforts through our QR code scanner. Have the ability to quickly pack, update, view or edit your materials and tasks with one simple QR code scan.

Now is your moment to start building better. Together.

You’re in good company

“The open book approach is really the fundamental benefit of the system. The fact that we have that transparency creates trust and that’s key with our relationships with clients.”

Malcolm Davies
Construction Manager, SRG Global

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