Data sheet: Progress tracker

Matrak’s Progress Tracker is a visual representation of the work sequences completed by trades on a construction project. Learn about its key benefits and how it works in Matrak.

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Data sheet: Material tracking

Matrak’s material tracking platform was built to help you stay on top of your projects easily and efficiently. Learn key benefits and how it works in Matrak.

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State of construction industry report

2021 Annual State of Construction Report

Uncovered insights calculated from over 200 projects and 681,228 materials tracked on the Matrak platform, Learn why material tracking matters most in our first annual industry report.

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matrak case studies

Case studies

See how we’ve helped other companies build better through the power of transparent supply chains

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Video: Matrak overview

A brief overview video of Matrak, its features and the benefits it offers for you

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Matrak knowledge base

Knowledge base

Step-by-step articles to teach you how to get the most out of Matrak.

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Webinar: How to set yourself up for lean construction success

An introduction to a realistic approach to implementing lean construction techniques

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Australia build

Webinar: Australia Build Week 2021

Panelist discussion: Building transparency in today’s construction supply chain through digitisation

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