How we support our team

We want to make your life better both in and out of the office. Do meaningful work in an inclusive, diverse environment.


Flexible working hours

We want you to do your best work, so whether it’s working from home or switching up your work hours, we are here to support you.

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Share options

Your work is valued and we want to share the wealth.

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Birthday leave

It’s your birthday, you can take the day if you want to



Our teams reflect the rich diversity of our world, with equitable access to opportunity for everyone.


Cultural + ceremonial leave

We stand with Aboriginal and indigenous people and want you to know you are supported. Take the days off to celebrate your holidays.


Common sense policies

We are real people. Life happens. That’s why we’ve created policies that just make sense such as considering pets your family and compassionate leave.

Our core values

At matrak we’re focused on

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We’re challenging the status quo. We want to pave the way (pun intended) in creating a better experience for the way people build — from general contractors to manufacturers and suppliers. Matrak is not afraid to experiment through innovative technology.

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We put people first. We focus on real industry problems, tackling them with empathy and curiosity. Matrak is a safe space for people to embrace technology. We want to create genuine relationships with the Matrak network that lead to more Champions, more wins and more builds.

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Creating a community is the key to success. Everyone has something to bring to the table, no matter what role they play. We work together, we learn together and we win together. The growth of Matrak is a team effort, and every contribution counts.

Our team

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Careers at Matrak

We’re always looking for talented people to grow our team. If you don’t see an open role, don’t worry! Email us at [email protected]u with your resume.

Can’t find your role?

If you can see yourself as part of our team but haven't seen your role advertised just yet, please reach out to [email protected] to be considered for new positions in the future.

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