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Why Materials Matter

Materials are the core of every construction project. But many teams are yet to discover the power of tracking materials for a project.

While excel sheets and email communications are often the norm, these run the risk of having outdated information as soon as they’re sent.

Using a materials tracking system not only benefits your bottom line, but reduces risk at every part of your build. Knowing the location and status of materials is key to a project’s progression, enabling supply chain visibility for everyone involved. Through project wide collaboration, you and your team can deliver projects on time and within budget.

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Interactive Drawings

Easily update site progress, material status and get updates instantly from our interactive drawings. Upload your drawings, make them interactive and generate a bill of materials in a snap!



Date and time-stamped activity logs to see every action made to materials to improve efficiencies, and help with dispute resolution to protect your business.

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Mobile-Friendly Application

New and improved for the best user experience. Select any action to get instant notifications like when defects are tagged or when trades can start work on-site.

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Organic growth across the supply chain

Matrak started with facade, then joinery and now 30 different trades, from steel to sanitary, and pre-cast to plaster.

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