How construction management software gets you off the ground

Construction professionals around the world are waking up to the power of construction management software. From tracking in-transit materials to keeping on top of documents, having the right construction management software can work wonders. Here’s why it’s one of the most valuable tools you can have under your belt.

What’s all the fuss about construction management software? 

Construction management software can encompass a broad range of tools and functionalities. Simply put, this type of software works to organise the planning, building, resources and reporting that relates to construction projects. With over 90% of construction companies in Australia being small businesses, it makes perfect sense to invest in tools that’ll help you put your best foot forward. 

68% of construction firms use software to keep an eye on their finances, while 58% use it for project management, 55% for safety and risk management, and 47% for field and labour management. Depending on the exact needs of your organisation, there’ll be a different solution to suit you.

Document management 

Miscommunication can really derail a project. To get around this, use a document management system that functions in real-time. This should allow you to:

  • Connect to sites, offices and subcontractors from your handset
  • Keep all your documentation in one place 
  • Monitor progress while in the field. 

Material tracking 

Misplaced or delayed materials are the bane of the construction industry, capable of throwing entire projects off track. Using a materials tracking tool that will let you: 

  • View your supply chain from end-to-end 
  • Show the real-time location of materials.

Project management 

We don’t have to tell you that construction projects can be exceedingly complex and take years to complete – spare yourself a headache or two by investing in a software solution that lets you:

  • Reduce time spent on admin by managing quotes, invoices and more, all in one place 
  • Capture all project correspondence 
  • Update stakeholders on real-time progress at any given time.

There’s an enormous ecosystem of construction tech out there, from wearables to virtual reality. Drilling down into your organisation’s needs can help you get started with the appropriate software solution.

What are the benefits of using construction management software?

Managing your construction site through one centralised, cloud-based system offers a tonne of benefits. 

  • Keep an eye on site-wide progress
    Get a virtual bird’s eye view with site-wide visibility, no matter where you are in the world. 
  • Save time and money
    Greater visibility and synchronicity keeps your project running smoothly and helps to avoid costly and time-consuming errors. In fact, industry experts reckon digital solutions will help the construction industry increase yearly revenue by $25 billion!
  • Reduce material downtime
    By knowing when materials will be delivered onsite and where they are inside each stillage or site, you can prevent delays and improve synchronicity. 
  • Delegate tasks
    Use project management software to easily delegate tasks to the appropriate employees. By assigning roles in the system, each employee has access to necessary information and knows who they should contact if they have questions or concerns, or need information about a particular topic.
  • Avoid the blame game
    Misplaced blame can really affect your bottom line. Create date and time-stamped activity logs and keep photographic records to minimise this risk. 
  • Streamline overseas procurement
    Improve transparency and communication with overseas suppliers and manufacturers by tracking progress, deliveries, warehouse inventory and re-orders.
  • Refer to a single source of truth
    Keep your entire team in the loop with real-time updates and automatic report generation. Version control is also made simple… 
  • Appeal to clients
    Clients and collaborators want to ensure they’re partnering with a trustworthy business. Offer transparency, save time and reduce risk by using construction management software. 

What should you consider when choosing your software? 

  • The problem that needs to be solved
    It’s important to know what problem you’re trying to solve by getting new software. Think about the biggest pain points for your team – is it poor communication and inefficiency? Or perhaps the risk of massive fines? 
  • The usability of your chosen software
    The software you choose should be easy to use, even by the less tech-savvy members of your team. Involve your team in the decision-making process as well to ensure that the solution you end up bringing on board will actually be used by all team members. 
  • The cost of your chosen software 
    Factor in the cost of the software you end up going for. How reasonable is the monthly or annual subscription? Or is there just an upfront fee that you’ll quickly absorb? 
  • The training or support that comes with your software 
    Your construction management software will be rolled out throughout your organisation, and there’s a good chance not everyone will have the same level of digital literacy at the outset. Make sure the solution you settle on offers training and support to ensure no one’s left behind. 
  • The features you need
    Perhaps the most important consideration when choosing construction management software is the features offered. Some key features to look out for include the quality of customer service, the mobility of the software, and the security of the information you input. 

More importantly, It’s well worth taking your time when making this decision, even demoing the software if you can. It can be costly and time-consuming to switch between different solutions, not to mention draining for your team, so do your best to make a considered decision right from the get-go.

What should your construction management software offer? 

While there’s a lot to consider when choosing construction management software, just make sure the solution you choose is:

  • Entirely cloud-based, allowing your team to access it from their worksite or while abroad 
  • Able to generate reports and instantly share important information
  • In real-time, meaning there are no accidental double-ups or overwrites. 

How can you get started with construction management software? 

It’s always smart to trial a variety of products to make sure you’re investing in the best fit for you and your business. Shortlist a few solutions, then reach out to ask for a demo. Also make sure to involve your team in the decision making process – they’ll be the end user after all, so you want to make sure they’re completely happy with the solution you bring on board. 

In the increasingly complex and interconnected world of construction, make sure to use a construction management tool to cut through the noise and keep your team on track. 

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