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The leading construction material tracking platform

Managing projects is easier than ever. Connect your supply chain with our material and progress tracking software, enabling project teams to gain better visibility and collaborate on projects from factory to site. Ultimately reducing project risk, reducing material waste and gaining efficiencies!

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Upload your drawings

We’ll make your static drawings interactive, and generate a bill of materials


Update progress

Use Matrak to view and update progress directly from interactive drawings


Generate reports

Easily generate reports and share important information with anyone in seconds

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Hundreds of projects completed, thousands of materials tracked. Find out how customers used Matrak’s customisable tracking software for their project needs.

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Stay on top of site progress

Get site-wide visibility, from wherever you are in the world, thanks to colour-coded interactive construction drawings

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Save time and money

Greater clarity helps all aspects of your project run smoothly, minimising blockers and miscommunication.

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Win more

Keep a competitive edge by saving time, reducing risks and giving every stakeholder peace of mind their work is in safe hands.


Resolve defects faster

Link issues to specific materials directly from the drawings and ensure re-orders are processed faster and nothing gets missed.


Reduce material downtime

Know when materials are coming onsite, which materials are inside each stillage, and where they are on the site through our in-app tracking.



Eliminate scapegoating

Use date and time-stamped activity logs and uploaded photos and files to see when materials were packaged, installed, or defected.

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Simplify overseas procurement

Simplify communication and transparency with overseas suppliers and manufacturers by tracking progress, deliveries, warehouse inventory and re-orders.


Single source of truth

Share key information to every stakeholder in the supply chain. Real-time updates and automatically generate reports, Matrak is the go-to place for all project updates.

A solution for everyone

No matter where you fall on the supply chain, we have a solution for you.


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