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Drawings page hero | Matrak materials tracking and construction management software desktop app | Large rectangle image of a floor plan, with the rooms highlighted in red, blue and yellow. Around the image is Buttons and status bars in different colours: Light purple, yellow, red, blue, teal and light blue. With the text: Fail, pass, view/edit, defective, manufactured and arrived in yard.;

The leading construction material tracking platform

Managing projects is easier than ever. Connect your supply chain with our material and progress tracking software, enabling project teams to gain better visibility and collaborate on projects from factory to site. Ultimately reducing project risk, reducing material waste and gaining efficiencies!


Your supply chain – connected, collaborative and organised

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We’ll make your static drawings interactive, and generate a bill of materials


Update progress

Use Matrak to view and update progress directly from interactive drawings

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Generate reports

Easily generate reports and share important information with anyone in seconds

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Matrak integrates into your internal tech solutions, giving everyone across your supply chain a trusted single source of truth.

A solution for everyone

No matter where you fall on the supply chain, we have a solution for you.


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