The Matrak Network: 140 Lonsdale Street

Hana Block

140 Lonsdale Street

140 Lonsdale Street, also known as the The Wesley Place precinct, is underway to deliver three future-ready commercial towers. It will be the new home of the Australian Federal Police and is looking to be completed in 2022.

The building includes 22,750 sqm of area across 20 levels. The project has created more than 2000 jobs to date and is expected to employ more than 1500 through construction of all three towers.

The Matrak Network: 140 Lonsdale Street

3 companies across 140 Lonsdale Street will connect to the Matrak Network on this project.

SRG Global

SRG Global will be providing high quality control of all material management to help stay on-top of defects and reworks.

Using Matrak, they’ll be able to communicate updates with ease to ensure deliveries are made on-time throughout 140 Lonsdale’s build.

SRG China

SRG China will be providing visibility to other key stakeholders on the manufacturing process.

As a result, this will reduce internal risk with their global clients. The ability to use Matrak in their native language also allows the company to instantly communicate and manage their supply chain — both upstream and downstream.


Lendlease is utilising Matrak’s materials tracking software to avoid confusion. Giving them a single source of truth to improve coordination of trades. This ensures everyone in the project’s supply-chain is working together efficiently and reliably.

With the project’s builder, manufacture and supplier all on Matrak, this gives Lendlease the ability to proactively prevent project delays. Live updates to material status’s along the supply chain allows Lendlease to understand how companies are tracking to deadlines.

In addition, they will also be using Matrak’s public API to feed Matrak’s supply-chain data from manufacturers, logistics and installers into the BIM model supported by Ynomia. Creating a truly up-to-date digital twin of the asset.

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