The Matrak Network: 477 Pitt Street

Hana Block

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477 Pitt Street is an A Grade office tower in the vibrant Haymarket precinct of Sydney’s CBD. 

The building is both reimagining and repositioning the property as part of Sydney’s new Tech Central.

A strong focus on its environmental impact not only sees this project being carried out with a sustainable approach, but it also offers a unique and thoughtful space for businesses to live and thrive.

From the beginning, Matrak has partnered with Winfix who are using Matrak’s material tracking software to track all the facade from fabrication to installation for the building. 

Also joining this project on Matrak is, Head contractor Buildcorp, GC Australia and World Wide logistics – connecting a majority of 477 Pitt Street’s supply chain and key stakeholders onto one platform. 

Site Manager Ayden O’Brien and Director, Chris Pattison from Winfix have been super-users of the product —  and use Matrak’s tracking software to track the lifecycle of the project’s facade panels. As they get manufactured in China, Winfix will be using Matrak to check off all facade materials before they get shipped over to Australia – and coordinating the whole process to ensure that materials are arriving on site and in the right quality. 

They will also be using the system to run their:

  • ITP Checklists for the site teams
  • Custom reporting: Such as progress claims and delivery reports 
  • Procore integration as required – Matrak’s Procore integration automatically adds entries into Procore user’s Delivery Logs whenever their tracked deliveries change status in Matrak.

Matrak also allows 47 Pitt Streets Head contractor Buildcorp the ability to view, edit and make custom reports based on subcontractor’s inputted data on the project. 

World wide logistics, Matrak users since 2019, have also teamed up on 477 Pitt street to track the logistics of all facade panels as they make their journey from manufacturing in China to site. Giving this visibility to Winfix and Buildcorp to allow them to better plan and organise material flow on site. 

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