The Matrak Network: Victoria and Vine

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Construction is ramping up for Collingwood’s newest residence — Victoria and Vine.

The development includes nine multi-storey apartment buildings and that blend into stylish retail and residential precincts. The building’s forms use a mix of materials and finishes that, as a result, will honour the historic buildings of New York’s Meatpacking District.

The project will showcase façade elements incorporating glazing, precast panels and snap-on brickwork elements to exhibit the warehouse-style design.

3 companies across Victoria & Vine’s supply chain will connect to the Matrak Network for this project.

The Matrak Network: Victoria and Vine


Hickory has always been at the forefront of implementing the most modern and innovative methods of construction. Because of this, they select the best tools to deliver high-quality value outcomes to their clients.

Hickory uses Matrak to connect with Buildhome and CAS Facade to track the facade installation for Victoria and Vine against the program schedule.

Hickory has teamed up with prominent developer GURNER™. As a result, Tim Gurner’s development has been carefully curated to ensure they do justice to the historical significance and aesthetics of the surrounding precincts.

The $280 million, the 5,100-square-metre site is set to be completed by the end of 2021.


Buildhome will be using Matrak to track the facade manufacturing in Zone 01 and 03. They will be updating the builder of each material’s status throughout the manufacturing process.

Offering this visibility ensures that the project can be proactive at managing delays and keep the manufacturing times to schedule.

CAS Facade

Similarly, CAS Facade will be using Matrak to track the facade manufacturing in Zone 02. They will be providing Hickory with instant visibility of status updates of items as they get manufactured, packed and shipped to the site.

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