Matrak Now Integrates with the Procore Plaform

Aleczander Gamboa

Matrak Now Integrates with the Procore Plaform

The word is out! Matrak has partnered with Procore Technologies to integrate materials tracking.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes, but now we can finally announce that we’ve partnered with Procore Technologies to make materials tracking even better. Read on to know what it means for our customers.

How does this Procore integration work with Matrak?

With over 700,000 materials tracked in Matrak, the new integration connects users’ Matrak and Procore Technologies accounts together, enabling status updates from Matrak to automatically populate into their Procore Technologies Site Diary.

What does this actually mean though? Basically, it helps construction companies save ample time by allowing them to better manage onsite activity for the projects. Users can also easily see the material’s location in the supply chain, as well as schedule on-site activities to ensure builds are completed on time. 

What other benefits does this integration offer?

The partnership effectively helps customers benefit from a unified tech ecosystem. Specifically, this integration allows for:

  • Procore customer’s delivery log to show them the materials inside their delivery, including the levels where each material is to be installed
  • Procore users to view the contents of delivery on Matrak’s interactive floorplan or elevation drawing by following a link to Matrak in their delivery log

Here’s what our Chief Technology Officer, Brett Hodgkins, said about the Procore Technologies integration…

“The partnership between Matrak and Procore Technologies was forged so both of our customers can benefit from supply chain transparency. Through transparency comes clarity, empowering everyone onsite to know exactly where materials are and what activities need to be scheduled next.”

Watch this space – it’s first of many projects in the works at Matrak!

It’s no question that the construction industry has been hit hard by COVID-19, global supply chain delays and company closures. The new partnership between Procore Technologies and Matrak is not only a positive step forward for the industry but exemplary of what can be achieved when construction businesses collaborate and work together to lift each other up.

With new projects and innovations being planned for 2022 at Matrak, the new partnership with Procore Technologies is the first of many integration initiatives by the Australian startup to support and connect the global construction sector.

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