Matrak announces integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud

Aleczander Gamboa

Matrak announces integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud to bring visibility to global supply chain networks

Matrak enhances visibility and insight for project directors and designers with Autodesk Construction Cloud integration.

Losing materials in complex supply chains are a thing of the past, thanks to a new integration between Matrak and Autodesk Construction Cloud®, a portfolio of software and services that combines advanced technology, a builders network, and predictive insights for construction teams.

Now, customers can embed Matrak directly into their Autodesk® Build Insights or BIM 360® Project Home dashboards for enhanced visibility of their projects. With this integration, project managers, head contractors, and designers are not only able to anticipate risks and mitigate potential issues but are also better able to deliver projects on budget and on time, every time. 

Matrak helps major suppliers, manufacturers, and logistics firms worldwide consolidate their materials through the power of a fully-integrated supply chain. From fabrication and packing, straight through to shipping, installation, and quality checks, Matrak provides insightful data into every area of a supply chain. 

Matrak’s integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud brings supply chain visibility and insight to all cloud platform users — removing the silos that prevented project teams and designers from using live materials data to manage their work. 

“It’s 2022 – there’s really no reason not to have visibility of your supply chain. Autodesk Construction Cloud provides great visibility to developers, designers, and builders across so many facets of construction,” said Shane Hodgkins, Chief Executive Officer at Matrak. “With hundreds of the world’s leading suppliers already on the Matrak network, we’re thrilled to provide this supply chain visibility to the Autodesk platform.” 

“Supply chain issues can cause massive ripple effects across construction projects,” said James Cook, director, partner integrations at Autodesk Construction Solutions. “Embedding Matrak alongside the critical project data in Autodesk Construction Cloud provides construction teams with transparency into relevant supply chain status, allowing them to make better and more timely decisions. We’re looking forward to helping our customers continue to deliver projects on time and on budget with this added visibility.”

Accessing the integration is easy. Add Matrak’s Partner Card to your Autodesk Build Insights or BIM 360 Project Home dashboard and get live access to:

  • Colour-coded construction drawings that highlight the status of materials as they flow through your supply chain
  • Custom reports that show shipping, quality, defecting, and progress insights
  • Graphs displaying percentage completion across different floors, zones, and locations on your build

With new projects and innovations being planned for 2023 at Matrak, the new integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud is one of many integration initiatives by the Australian start-up to support and connect the global construction sector.

Take control of your project today. Add the Matrak Partner Card on your Autodesk Construction Cloud and realise true materials transparency on your project. 

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Matrak connects everyone across project supply chains, including contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers to increase visibility, control, and coordination of materials. A global construction tracking network, Matrak was designed to simplify and support the complexities of tracking and managing materials — building visibility throughout the entire supply chain. Matrak connects with your existing processes and systems. Create better performance and fewer risks, all without disrupting your current workflow.

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