4 Ways Suppliers Can Leverage Matrak’s Material Tracking System

Aleczander Gamboa

4 Ways Suppliers can leverage Matrak's material tracking system

From organising shipments and materials to arrive on-site on time to ensuring stakeholders in the supply chain are kept updated on material whereabouts, Suppliers certainly play an important role in the construction supply chain. 

But a big role like this, with so many moving parts, does come with its challenges. And without utilising the right construction management software or construction technology, sometimes, important details can be missed that disrupt the workflow in a supply chain.

Matrak’s material tracking system enables a single source of truth for suppliers to refer to, helping them and all stakeholders in the supply chain avoid miscommunication. Below we’ve unpacked four main ways suppliers can benefit from Matrak’s material tracking system.

Build your reputation as a global industry leader

In Matrak, suppliers can produce run rate reports that provide real-time material procurement and tracking information. Furthermore, you can implement instant notifications to get reorders for defective items quicker. If materials are marked as defective, the in-app notifications feature can be used to notify the relevant manufacturer or supplier.  

Global supply chains can always be challenging to work with, and depending on how its managed, can put your company’s global reputation at risk. Utilising a digital tool to improve stakeholder communication and expectations helps build trust in your services. Providing quality work each time protects your reputation, ensuring you win more work that helps your company succeed.

Monitor material tracking progress for more control of your procurement process

Matrak’s construction management software can track your materials from procurement to sub-assembly, manufacturing to quality checking, straight through to dispatch out of the warehouse. Knowing where your materials are in the supply chain gives you a clear indication of progress and peace of mind that they will arrive on-site on time.

Having this supply chain visibility not only enhances your overall customer service but also improves your cost controls through inventory in motion within the supply chain and proactive status updates.

Reduce risks by linking the full quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) assessments to products before they arrive on site

You can run complete quality performance checks entirely in Matrak. This ensures your products meet the agreed standards. Moreover, Matrak digitises your Inspection Test Plans (ITPs) and links them to the item record, enabling you to efficiently report on the quality of your supplied materials. Doing this reduces the risk of non-conforming products arriving on site.

Quality materials are essential for a good build, and it’s important to have evidence of your product’s conformance to the agreed quality standards before they arrive on-site. This minimises the risk of supplying materials that do not meet the quality standards needed to complete a build.

Use tracking information to gain insights that improve your processes and increase forecasting accuracy

Matrak organises your data into one central platform, providing valuable insights that help you create unity in your construction supply chain. You can access this information anytime you want and can assist you in making quick, smart and data-backed decisions. Our software can also generate reports to help suppliers understand and forecast trends to make better-informed decisions.

Tracking information is essential for future planning, as well as forecasting which materials will be in demand. Doing this ensures you have the right amount of inventory across your entire supply chain, enabling better sustainability practices.

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Matrak was founded in 2017 and provides innovative mobile-first end-to-end supply chain tracking software solutions to the construction industry. We believe in the significant benefits to Site Managers, contractors, developers and construction supply chains generated from data-driven insights through the materials tracking process.

Industry-wide challenges are best solved through collaboration, and Matrak’s material tracking app strives to bring the construction industry together around its most fundamental component – materials.

Our app is available on all iOS, Android and Windows devices and has helped more than 157 projects in over 5 countries to enable the power of supply chain transparency.

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