Matrak enters pilot program with BlueScope Buildings North America to track carbon footprint in the construction supply chain

Gabby Torres-Soler

Melbourne, 04 October 2023 — Matrak, a cloud-based construction start-up today announces that it has partnered with BlueScope Buildings North America, a subsidiary of BlueScope, on a first-of-its-kind, carbon-tracking pilot. BlueScope Buildings will utilise Matrak’s proprietary cloud-based construction management software and materials tracking platform to track carbon inputs and outputs. This follows Matrak’s participation in BlueScope’s tech accelerator project with BlueScopeX.

The construction industry is one of the most carbon intensive industries in the world, contributing approximately 38% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Construction companies and governments are looking to accurately measure embodied carbon for the products in infrastructure projects. 

Recently in North America, DFAT and the State of California signed an MOU agreement on carbon reduction, and identified technology such as Matrak’s that certifies emissions in construction supply chains as a key area of cooperation. 

In Australia, the New South Wales government soon will require construction companies and their suppliers to measure their carbon footprint. It then can consider pollution, cost, speed of completion and build quality of construction firms’ competing bids. This makes carbon tracking an imperative for firms.

Matrak Co-founder and CEO Shane Hodgkins said, “We have exceptional demand from our customers to utilise Matrak’s supply chain tracking software for carbon tracking. If you can track construction materials more efficiently, then you can track carbon inputs and outputs. Matrak is ultimately the simplest way of capturing all the information you need to understand the carbon impact of construction and its materials, and leverage that to decarbonise the overall footprint in a targeted way.

“Perceived consensus within the industry is that carbon tracking is an expense; however, Matrak delivers carbon tracking through better coordination of the supply-chain so there’s significant savings and proven cost advantages for businesses.

“Ultimately, Matrak allows companies to reduce their carbon footprint, and this is good news for the industry and the planet. To date, there hasn’t been a company that’s done this in Australia, giving Matrak a unique proposition in the market.”

About Matrak

Matrak is transforming global construction supply-chains, through connected materials tracking. Companies as diverse as manufacturers, suppliers and builders use Matrak to streamline and de-risk their supply-chains, leading to cheaper and more reliable construction. 

Matrak was founded in 2018 by Shane and Brett Hodgkins. The concept was born on a construction site, when Brett was working for his father’s window installation company part-time while he finished up his master’s degree in computer science. 

Matrak currently works with 278 companies in Australia, China, UK, US, Canada, Macau, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia. It has 333 construction projects on their network and has tracked 1,096,414 materials for their customers. Their work includes Queen’s Wharf, the Western Sydney Airport, Tweed Valley Hospital, the new Sydney Atlassian building, Cross River Rail, One Circular Quay, as well as hundreds of smaller schools, apartment blocks, aged care facilities and data centres. 

Companies on Matrak’s network include, Lendlease, John Holland, Reece, Harvey Norman Commercial, Hutchinson Builders, Built, Hickory, CPB Contractors, Star Entertainment, Toll, Multiplex, Grace Brothers, BlueScope, SRG Global, Yuanda, Richard Crookes, ICON, Toga, Crema, Oulin, Borcci, Worldwide Logistics, Ramler, Roberts Co, Trinity Windows, Queensland Facade Systems, Buildcorp, BLOC, and hundreds of others around the world. 

Matrak previously raised AUD7.1 million in 2021 with investment from Aconex founders Leigh Jasper and Rob Philpot, Simon Yencken, Rampersand, Hickory Group, as well as many current & former execs from prestigious Australian construction companies.

About BlueScope Buildings North America 

BlueScope Buildings North America is a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of engineered building solutions serving the low-rise, non-residential market across North America. BlueScope Buildings North America is part of BlueScope, a leading global provider of innovative steel materials with headquarters in Australia, operations in 16 countries and more than 15,000 employees, all working toward Our Purpose and Our Bond. 

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