Why more head contractors are adopting digital construction software

Aleczander Gamboa

Why more head contractors are adopting digital construction software

The head contractor plays an important role in any construction project, big or small. They are responsible for sourcing all materials, adhering to schedules, monitoring budgets and ensuring safety standards are complied with.

With many touchpoints to manage, becoming overwhelmed is a risk many head contractors might encounter. This is where digital construction software comes in handy, giving them one platform to manage most, if not all, of their duties. According to a report by real estate services company JLL, the construction industry adopted 36 months of technology in a single year.

So why is construction software appealing to head contractors? Here are the two biggest reasons.

Knowing the What-What’s – Visibility into Construction Projects, Progress, Roles and more

Construction projects have a range of stakeholders, especially if the supply chain is global. From builders, suppliers, and manufacturers, each role is often spread across different locations. Therefore, it becomes difficult to manage expectations as well as understand the project’s progress. 

The most efficient way for head contractors to manage all of this is through visibility from the get-go.  Head contractors require digital construction software that is accessible, easy to use, and truly transparent throughout the entire build process. 

Even more so, being mobile-optimised allows for the head contractor and all of the stakeholders to access the tech from anywhere and connects all workflows, from manufacturing to supply straight through to the actual construction on-site.

Creates True Collaboration & Boosts Efficiency

Expanding on the point above, the visibility created by construction tech paves the way for a truly collaborative environment. 

Since remote working has taken the world by storm, construction software allows head contractors to stay connected with other stakeholders. They can communicate when needed and share valuable data in real-time. When stakeholders can see the data in real-time, they can make better decisions faster, resulting in a more efficient build process and identifying which areas can be leaner and follow more sustainable practices

For maximum collaboration, digital construction software should be able to integrate with other systems. Common ones include Procore, Excel, Ynomia and more.

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