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Gabby Torres-Soler

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For onsite subcontractors and Construction Project Managers, Inspection Test Plans & Inspection Test Reports are vital for maintaining a clear, effective record of work on a project. As a subcontractor, they help you maintain quality control for your company’s hard work, outlining what, when, and how to conduct inspections, ensuring that every component of your project meets the necessary requirements.

The Matrak dream began with wanting to empower everyone in the global supply chain, especially onsite installers with real-time information. We understand that knowing where your materials are and when is half the battle. You also need to show off the quality of your work and get paid without dispute. With Matrak’s newest custom reports, you can create, configure and share your ITPs with everyone on your project- in the same place you track materials and view site progress. 

What are the benefits of automated ITPs? 

  • Increased efficiency and accuracy of your documentation and communications. Any changes that are made to digital ITPs in Matrak sync right away, ensuring the correct stakeholder can view the most up-to-date quality check at any given time.
  • Never again have to keep track of a piece of paper, spending hours walking around site- do your most essential admin on your smartphone or tablet in real-time. This saves time, money and can decrease liability for your company.
  • Set the standard for a higher quality of work. Projects are regularly checked against quality management standards for clients, and good work practices will become ingrained within the team, such as providing more information about a task quality check with supporting photos and a digital time stamp.
  • Create, store and re-purpose a library of digital report templates that you can deploy to your teams at any time across different projects. 

Why use Matrak for your ITPs?

Matrak helps you streamline your ITP creation in the same place where you can track materials and view and update site progress. By toggling a switch or ticking a box, you can instantly mark an item as a pass or fail. Matrak’s built-in audit history also shows you who completed the inspection, allowing for greater accountability every step of the way. So instead of using multiple different applications to keep track of defects, trade progress, and materials delivery, why not go with the one application that can do it all and won’t charge extra for it? 

How does the automated ITPs work?

In Matrak, you can create quality checks against any materials they’d like using customisable statuses. These quality checks follow the material’s journey onsite so that when a material is being installed, you can update the status of the installation and the quality checks associated with that job. The quality checks are automatically saved in an ITP report in Matrak that can be exported and shared with your stakeholders. This report provides your business visibility and transparency, helping to protect you and get paid.

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