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ABS Facade

Company information
  • Globe Location: Australia
  • REPAIR TOOLS logo matrak materials tracking construction management software Trade: Facade
  • Gear Stakeholder Type: Installer
Contact Information
  • Laptop Website:
  • Mobile phone Phone: 0417 984 607
Matrak Network Projects
  • Building 82 Northbourne
  • Building BB6
  • Building 25 Catalina
  • Building Brisbane Square
  • Building World Square
  • Building East Gateway
  • Building Building 4
  • Building Tweed Valley Hospital

About ABS Facade

With their current workforce of over 300 employees and their national presence across six offices in Australia – ABS Facade is the national leader in innovative facade installation and rectification, cross-laminated timber, highrise glazing and curtain wall and modular and prefabricated façade systems for the commercial building industry. Through their wealth of industry experience, their mobile workforce and the use of industry best practices and technology – ABS Facade provides an unmatched level of quality, service and professionalism.

Through years of experience, the company have developed an innovative and practical approach to facade installation and rectification services. Using cutting edge design, engineering and fabrication technologies in our large factory, combined with effective consultation and on-site best practice training and equipment use, we minimise our time on site – shortening schedules and reducing costs.

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