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HD Logistics

“Matrak has set us apart from our competitors. Through the app we track the products against each room via interactive drawings. Allowing us to track and trace this provides a level of visibility and control to the builders and developers who have never seen this service from a Logistics company. ”

Key Challenges

Lack of proper tracking gave no competitive edge to HD Logistics

Big Wins

Was able to supply an industry first level of service to their clients by increasing visibility of products to both upstream + downstream stakeholders

Favourite Features

Interactive drawings - by setting up every room to have nominated products that goes into it, makes it easy to pull up accurate information for every material and efficiently get them to where they need to go.

The Problem

  1. Prior to using Matrak, HD Logistics wasn’t using any system to track their product. Just going off shop drawings and entry into the rooms. Which meant that once they delivered their materials, their length of service was done and was now handed over to the installers.
  2. Had no way of proving against liability for defects or damages that wasn’t their fault


The Solution

  1.  HD Logistics saw a niche market along the supply chain journey, specifically with the installers and PC items. They realised they could utilise Matrak’s tracking platform to be able to manage their products both upstream and downstream. Meaning they could track product from manufacture all the way to the roof and offer this transparency to their clients which allowed them to provide an extra level of service.
  2. This level of tracking also provided HD Logistics with a greater internal protection. Being able to track where the product is coming from, and providing evidence that it’s safely installed has protected the company from liability if any damages or defects to the product did occur that they weren’t responsible for.

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