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A call to all Australian based product managers, SaaS sales leaders, agile coaches, and tech leads with an inquisitive spirit — work on a product that’s solving real world problems and growing 20% MoM.

Matrak’s mission is simple. We exist to help the global construction industry get visibility and connect the materials supply chain.

Why is this an interesting problem to solve?

Why do our customers care, and why should you?

“If one external window gets broken, that entire building is not considered waterproof until it is fixed. The carpenters can’t come in, the plasterers can’t come in … We had one client that on a previous project didn’t realise a single fire safety door was missing, until they were about to hand the building over.

“They got fined $1 million a week for a month by the developer while they ordered that door from China and waited for it to be shipped over.”

This isn’t a regional problem. The construction industry is by its very nature, global and networked. The same problem exists for almost every company in the supply chain, from manufacturers to tradespeople and those building property at all levels and scales.

We’ve expanded into multiple countries at such an early stage because our customers interact with suppliers across the globe on every single project. Covid has only exacerbated the need for visibility on global construction material supply chains. And governments are focusing on boosting this sector to aid in the post-pandemic economic recovery.

What about the health of the business?

This is our subscription revenue graph to the end of July 2020. We like to let it speak for itself.

Most importantly, what about the team and people you’ll work with day to day?

Obligatory team band shot

Most of our new roles will report to our CTO co-founder Brett Hodgkins (bottom left in the pic, a man of many hairstyles) and working alongside wonderful people like our Senior Product Manager Craig DraytonIneke Bulle who’s leading our EU expansion, Edward Mansfield who’s joining us to head up UX Design, as well as many other awesome people.

Beyond our CTO, the company ship is steered day to day by our CEO co founder Shane Hodgkinsmyself and experienced CFO Peter Pollock who led finance during Aconex’s IPO.

Our team prides themselves on intellectual honestygoal oriented experimentation, curiosity and getting shit done. We leave politics to the politicians, and already have a people and culture team member, Liv Frey, dedicated to helping team members thrive and making sure we use our benefits like Birthday Leave and are taking advantage of learning opportunities.

Important Benefits

  • Competitive Salaries
  • Share Options
  • Flexible working (for real though)
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Birthday Leave
  • Supported learning and development opportunities

….plus decent Slack chats.

Our virtual doors and ears are open and we encourage you to get in touch to chat about the currently advertised roles, recommend a former colleague, or just open a conversation about joining our company in the future.

Reach out to us at [email protected] or my DM’s are always open on Twitter & LinkedIn.

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