Matrak Closes a $5.85M Series A Funding Round

Hana Block

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This includes Aconex founders Leigh Jasper and Rob Philpot, Rampersand, Hickory Group, as well as many current & former execs from prestigious Australian construction companies. We’re thrilled to have so many industry leaders joining the team, and look forward to learning a lot from them.

We’d particularly like to extend our thanks to Matt Gillet and the many existing investors who’ve continued to support us on this journey, investing almost $3M of the current round.

I always had an audacious view of the impact that a global materials & progress tracking network could have on the construction industry – you encouraged us to take the plunge, and have given us support, advice and mentorship that have been absolutely pivotal for Brett and I as first time founders.

Whether related to team structure, sales, legal advice or introductions, we really can’t overstate how valuable it’s been to have such trusted and candid advice from all of you.

We’d also like to thank our long-time advisor Kate Dinon for working over her vacation to help us prepare and share our story with Cara Waters, we’re thrilled at how it came out and really grateful for all your help.

To Shak Yusup, Peter Kokinos, Pauline Liang, Malcolm Davies, Vivian Ding, John Cox, Barry Mitcheson, Adrian Altobelli, Conrad Scanlon, Dan Parks, John Hennessey, Tim Green, Zihou Lin – We can’t name everyone, but you guys in particular took a punt on us when aspects of Matrak were really new. You knew what you wanted for the industry, and gave us the time and feedback to help us make it happen. We seriously owe you all so much.

And lastly but most importantly, holy crap, the unbelievable Team Matrak, what an incredible milestone you’ve achieved. When Brett and I started we had 3 customers and a flaky proof of concept cooked up in our spare time. You guys have turned that into a truly global Network, delivering a raft of industry firsts across over 150 projects, tracking everything from joinery, facade and steel through to elevators, palm trees and even individual screws at times!! You’ve truly created something new for the industry. 

And when you consider what that meant – everything from CD/CI infrastructure to analytics, the cool AF new branding, training videos in multiple languages, a public API, world-leading designs, several completely new products, and the legion of policies & processes to help us scale as a team – it is honestly mind-blowing what you guys have created in just 2.5 years. I’m really in awe of you guys and feel privileged to be part of the team.

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