Case Studies

Icon Construction

Matrak was the tool that brought together the overseas procurement together with the local installer and site team. Helping Icon deliver their project 2 months ahead of schedule."

Key Challenges

Lack of visibility across job site and Complex integrated joinery

Big Wins

Quality project delivery two months ahead of schedule

Favourite Features

Mobile notifications and real-time updates

The Problem

  1. Procuring from overseas means Icon was facing major lag time in material delivery, air freight and too long wait time for materials up to 2-4 weeks. This meant that if any defects weren’t  instantly communicated it could risk the project running on time.
  2. The joinery was so integrated for this project that they couldn’t risk any components missing to complete this work.

The Solution

  1. Instant mobile notifications made reporting defects and issues back to the factory instantaneous.
  2. Updated material records to live interactive drawings gave clarity for CNC and Icon to understand the health of the project and whether it was running on schedule.
  3. Tracked material shipping status to know where and when materials where coming to site.

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