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“The use of the Matrak API is key for us to report back to the developer, as well as increase the transparency that exists with our facade supplier - SRG. It just makes the project run more smoothly across the supply chain.”

Key Challenges

Reducing risk of overseas supply chains

Big Wins

A single source of truth to maintain understanding of the project’s status as it progressed

Favourite Features

Total transparency across the supply chain, reducing risks like unforeseen delays

The Problem

During the construction of Wesley Place, Lendlease was using a 3D BIM model to track the progress of the facade installation. This gave way to the following challenges:

  1. The data was disconnected from the companies involved in the supply chain, requiring manual updates and reporting from manufacturers, suppliers, logistics and installers.
  2. This created a potential risk, particularly with shipping delays in China. Lendlease needed live visibility of products on the critical path.

For Lendlease, the biggest challenge was that the 3D BIM model simply did not provide enough information and real-time updates on the overall project status. Not only did this increase potential risks as the project progressed, but it created a general lack of transparency across all touchpoints and between sub-contractors.

The Solution

Lendlease required a single source of truth to maintain understanding of the project’s status as it progressed:

  • It had to be simple to execute
  • Not require technical resources from the Lendlease team
  • Be set up in a timely manner that was within budget

SRG Global, the facade supplier for this project, recommended Matrak as a solution to Lendlease’s challenges. Having utilised material tracking
technology on over 15 projects in 2021 so far, SRG Global used Matrak to connect their fabrication facility in Shanghai with their logistic partners and installers in Australia.

This allowed them to stay across detailed information about the supply chain and ensure everything is running to schedule. SRG Global knew first-hand how easy it was to update granular material status in the Matrak platform. As panels were being installed, the SRG site team and installers from Complex Facades simply updated the status in real-time through the Matrak mobile app.

Through Matrak’s seamless API integration, real-time data could be fed from the supply chain to the 3D BIM model that Lendlease was using.

  • Total transparency across the supply chain, reducing risks like unforeseen delays
  • Enabled better communication between all stakeholders
  • Ensured Wesley Place would be completed on time

The Result

In addition to visibility across the tracking of facades for Lendlease, overall site quality was greatly improved by the real-time data provided from Matrak’s API integration into Lendlease’s 3D BIM Model.

At present, Lendlease has used Matrak to track approximately 4200 materials and counting. Upholding their reputation as thought-
leaders in the construction industry, Lendlease continues to push the boundaries by implementing a 5D BIM model on this project.

With the help of Matrak, Lendlease can analyse valuable data being fed from the global supply chain, all the way through to the BIM model, in partnership with their BIM tooling providers.

Currently, Lendlease is exploring how to use materials tracking and the Matrak API on future projects.


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