Case Studies

Reece Plumbing

Matrak offered us that connection to site, giving us full visibility of what was going on. This saved our team hours making phone calls and chasing up people to check site progress, issues or delays."

Key Challenges

Mutlipe BOQ's meant poor management of materials and too much time spent resolving and finding simple errors on site

Big Wins

Reece was able to reduce time spent finding errors and in turn had a more trusting and positive relationship across different stakeholders.

Favourite Features

Interactive floor plans and fully customisable and flexible back-end of software to meet specific project needs

The Problem

  1. Removed from what’s actually going on between the contractor and the builder.
  2. Multiple BOQ’s meant once all materials got to site, there was no clear checks or balances to what was actually required – meaning the company would usually end up being stuck with ordering too much stock or not enough materials. If there wasn’t enough materials, often products weren’t available anymore or the price increased.
  3. Facing problems right at the end of the job that weren’t accounted for in the budgets with no ability to add more variations – which meant projects were being left on a real sour note
  4. Lengthy weekly call cycles and time spent for people to check in on project progress, such as what level construction was up to, any issues/delays. and confirming delivery schedules.
  5. Spending incredible amount of time and effort to resolve and find simple errors on site.


The Solution

  1. Eliminated hours of back and fourth phone calls and work for the office team by using Matrak to get that connection to site to be able to quickly see site progress.
  2. Got up-front value add using Matrak to automate processes and making processes more precise by putting out quantity take offs against the plans
  3. Used Matrak’s remote access to removed the need for Reece’s sales rep to attend site calls just to rectify simple issues.
  4. Better dispute resolution with defects and delays by having site team upload photos and documentation of materials so everyone is on the same page and not getting the he-said she-said from the builder or plumber. They can physically see it in the software and rectify it from there.

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