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From the builders, the clients and our own perspective, it was a simple solution to get everyone on the same page. To be able to open up an elevation or floor plan and it be colour coded, meant no one needed to spend hours looking at the minute details of each panel in order to understand its overall status or progress.

Key Challenges

Lack of easy-to-reference documentation was risking SRG with potential fines and misplaced blame.

Big Wins

Going from 10 spreadsheets for each project to none using Matrak

Favourite Features

Customisable software, offering SRG the most tailored software solution

The Problem

  1. Using manual processes for filing, updating and tracking materials meant up to 10 Excel spreadsheets would be used across one project. This meant that there would often be at least one person who wasn’t using the latest version of the documents.
  2. In order to document installed panels, SRG team members originally would have to walk around the entirety of a building, take numerous photos, and label them in order to update records. When it was time to pull up a particular photo, they didn’t have the ability to load up a specific panel number. Instead, they’d have to spend hours rifling through photos to find the sought-after panel.
  3. Experiencing financial risks due to lack of visibility into their material lifecycle. Since there was no records to track the amount of time panels had been stored in the yards of their logistics companies, they were being charged for longer and often times inaccurate durations of material downtime. 


The Solution

  1.  A lot of other tools on the market were designed for the builder, not the subcontractor, or only related to structures. Matrak, on the other hand, allowed SRG to store, track and streamline all the information they once used Excel for.
  2.  Colour coded interactive floor plans enabled SRG to pull up an elevation or flow plan and have it colour coded so builders and clients were better able to get an overall idea of the status and progress, without diving into every little detail. 
  3. The biggest benefit of having Matrak by their side was that SRG has been able to keep better track of their internal documentation and get everyone on the same page. Matrak even enabled them to store photos for each individual panel, cutting down on the hours that were previously spent rifling through photos.
  4. Improved internal documentation proved extremely beneficial for proof against dispute resolution. This helped when going through the defect process with builders, as SRG was able to prove that they installed each panel without defects. This also enabled the company to be able to have proof against logistic yards, who previously charged SRG for storage of a crate for over a year. With the right documentation on hand, SRG was able to demonstrate that the crate had already been delivered to site. 


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